Who is this for?
This course is created for those who want to:

  • make rap / hip hop / trap beats from scratch
  • understand rhythm & groove
  • master popular sequencers, samplers and beatmaking gear:
    AKAI, Novation, Native Instruments
  • produce DIY mixes & masters
  • learn to find, slice, chop and warp samples
10 individual video sessions with screen capture and homework, 60 minutes each.

Full price - 290$
You can also pay in 2 tranches - 145$ on your 1st session, 145$ on your 5th session
Individual sessions apart from the course - 40$
How it works
Beatmaking can take up to 2 or 3 months to complete, depending on the timetable established with a student. It includes 10 individual online video sessions (60 minutes each), as well as practical assignments which usually take up 2-5 hours to complete. All of our sessions are recorded with screen capture software and provided for student's private use, in order to further establish the concepts and practical technics reviewed in the course.


All of the sessions will be held in the DAW of your choice: Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Cubase, Bitwig, Studio One. If you are just starting out we will help you choose your first DAW on our free 30 minutes interview call.
1 hour
1 hour
Internet of things for musicians
Prepping your toolbox
Choosing software and hardware for your needs, setting up the gear, preparing your workspace and home studio. An overview of your DAW and methods of creating music. Where and what sounds, instruments and plugins to get.
1 hour
1 hour
Rhythm & Groove
Musical meter, rhythmic grid, bars & beats. Working with tempo and BPM. Sequencing your own drums, working with beat-slicers and grooves.
1 hour
1 hour
MIDI, melodies & piano roll
Quantization is your friend
Basics of music theory: notes, intervals and keys. Getting along with your MIDI editor.
2 hours
2 hours
Samples and samplers
Make a track out of a teapot
Audio formats, sampler instruments, curating your own sounds. ADSR, LFO, Pitch, Pan, Volume & Timbre.
2 hours
2 hours
To loop or not to loop?
Learning to arrange instruments: bass, melody, harmony, rhythm & texture. Generating and developing ideas. Structure and form.
1 hour
1 hour
VST plugins and effects
You can't have too many reverbs
Types of audio processing and its' application scenarios.
2 hours
2 hours
Mixing & mastering
I am the engineer now
Basics of sound processing: frequency, amplitude and timbre. Simple and effective technics for cleaning up your mix.
*flexible curriculum
Since all of our courses are 1-on-1 meetings, we always try to tailor these lessons to your experience and needs. If some part of the course is already familiar to you— we are willling to substitute them with more advanced concepts from another course.
All of our online lessons are held through a free conference app, which reliably meets our requirements for the superior audio quality and stable connection.
30 minutes, free of charge
Let's schedule a test call?

Meet your instructors

Author of the neurofunk monster hit "Bass Symptom" and remixes on Dom & Roland - Get Up, Guru Groove Foundation - Golden Love. His music garnered support from Noisia, Afrojack, Hybrid Theory, Nest HQ. Resident of the Night Bass (US) label (as a part of the Phlegmatic Dogs duo), frequently touring around the world. Certified trainer and one of the beta-testers for the Bitwig Studio software.
Bass House, Techno, EDM (Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live)
Professional sound engineer, co-founder of the boutique sound design studio Binary Sound. Produces trailers and cinematic music for the leading Hollywood music labels: Really Slow Motion and BMG. Likes everything «Star Wars» and working on the SSL mixing desks.
Cinematic, Pop (Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper, Logic Pro X, Bitwig)
Electronic music producer, sound designer and engineer with many years of experience. His music can be heard on Noisia Radio, Neuropunk, DNB Dojo Podcast, Samurai Music Podcast, Abstruse. Released on Onset Audio, Lost Recordings, Parallel Depth. Likes diving and when the bass goes "grrrr".
Drum&Bass, Dubstep (FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase)
Multi-genre producer and DJ with 11 years of experience. Released music on Clutch Records (UK), Believe Music (FR) and many other smaller labels. Alias include Lisenko, Zommer. Likes snowboarding and sampling the unexpected.
Bass House, EDM, Hip-Hop (FL Studio)

What are the benefits?

You will have a strong foundation and skills required to succeed in the following roles:
Musical artists and DJs are popular around the world and able to generate good passive income. Especially those who treat their craft seriously.
Video games, advertising, motion pictures and mobile apps are immensely big markets, which are always on the lookout for new and original content.
Sound design for film, apps and video games
Your very own musical project
Absolute majority of musicians do not have the time or skill to properly mix and master their music, so that is where you come in.
Sound engineering, recording, mixing and mastering
On our individual courses you can get valuable first-hand information on how to open your own music label, booking-agency or a production business.
If organising parties, concerts and festivals to rival the likes of Burning Man is your true calling — we will be happy to guide you on this lucrative and exciting career path.
Event management
Music business & management
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