Pimp Your Track?

For educational purposes only ;)
How does it work, exactly?
Personal Sensei
1. You send us your project and all of the questions associated with it.
It can be anything from "how do I make my drums punchier and what is wrong with my percussion" to "I just don't like how it all sounds and can't figure out why". We would also ask you to provide a link to a reference track from a well known artist that you believe sounds just right.

2. We analyse and process your questions carefully before opening a project, hitting record on the screen capture software and starting to work on the mix.

3. In about an hour* one of our sensei's methodically goes through all of your questions, helps fix the problems and improve the sound of the track. He also comments on everything he does and most importantly why he does it, as well as gives direct feedback and tips on how to improve further.

4. We save your project and send you the files with a recorded video attached.

*in standard version of the service, but you can extend the time spent on your project by upgrading to XL version.

What do I get as a result?
Personal Sensei
1. Your track will sound cleaner, fuller and bigger, in most cases it is usually polished enough for a release.

2. You get to not just hear, but also see what problems you had in the first place and how to efficiently fix them in the future.

3. We provide extensive feedback on weak links in your production and what you should concentrate on, recommend a couple of cool plugins and show off some advanced techniques.

What DAWs do you work in?
Personal Sensei
We accept projects made with Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Studio One and Bitwig.

Who is going to Pimp My Track?

That is the best part — it is completely up to you.
Our instructors are our pride, so whomever you decide to choose is going to be an experienced professional.

Be advised: we will ask you to pay the invoice only once we learn that we can truly help improve your project.
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