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Silat Beksi

Silat Beksi

Leaving a lasting impression on minimal music lovers across the globe in the 2010's, his art was recognized by labels such as Romania's Tzinah Records, Moscow's Body Parts and Ukranian imprint Mulen Records, who offered him a platform through which to release and refine his musical style.

An avid vinyl collector, who cemented himself as one of the most inform talents in Europe's underground scene with latest releases on Germany's almighty 'Pleasure Zone', Welsh imprint 'Dreams Are Not Inside', 'What You Want', 'Vivus Records' and of course on his own label 'Modeight'.

To this day his sound continues to morph and develop, defying classification with it's heady combination of techno's rhythmic sensibility, breakbeat influence and warm atmospheric textures that hypnotise and excite.

  • Ableton Live
  • music production: beginner / advanced
  • mixing and mastering
  • synthesis & sound design
  • arrangement
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